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About Us

Turkey-evisa.com provides the following service: We process and review your application for a visa to visit Turkey. Turkey-evisa.com is privately owned and operated, and has no connection with any government department, agency, or bureau. You may browse the site or ask questions for free.

Processing a Visa

You must have an approved visa before you can enter Turkey by sea or air; to apply, you must answer a series of questions regarding your passport and travel plans.

We will ask you all of the necessary questions and submit your visa application. Before processing and submitting your application, we will review your answers, then communicate with you via email if we see any potential problems or need more information.

We will not submit your application until we have determined that the information which you supplied is valid for approval. If your application does not pass our review, we will give you a full refund and will not submit your application.

In the event that your application does not pass our review, you may submit it through another service, or submit it directly to the Turkish government via its e-Visa website. Final approval or disapproval of a Turkish e-Visa is entirely in the hands of the Turkish government.

Please note that the Turkish government's approval process for an e-Visa can take as long as 72 hours, although most applicants will be notified by email within 24 hours if they are approved. We strongly suggest that you apply earlier, rather than later, in order to allow for unanticipated delays.

If Your Application Is Denied

In the event that your e-Visa application is denied by the Turkish government, we will issue a full refund to your credit card, and will not charge you for our services. We are unable to influence the Turkish government's decision to approve or disapprove of e-Visa applications.

If your application is denied, we suggest that you contact the Turkish consulate or embassy and apply directly for a visa.

Please be aware that after a visa has been approved, the Turkish government may, under some circumstances, withdraw its approval and change the status of the visa to "Not Authorized." Needless to say, this is also a decision which we cannot influence. For this reason, before you reserve your flight or check in, you should first verify the authorization status of your e-Visa.

Travel Requirements and Personal Information

You are responsible for complying with all travel requirements in connection with your visit to Turkey. If you provide incorrect information for your travel documents, including your visa and passport, and are not allowed to board a vessel or flight to Turkey as a result, we cannot be held responsible.

Payment for Our Services

We accept only U.S. Dollars ($) in payment for our visa review and processing services.

If your credit card service uses a different currency, the bank or company which issued that card will convert the U.S. Dollar amount which we charge into your card's currency. When this happens, the amount that you are charged will be based on the exchange rate in use, along with any foreign transaction fee or other fees which you credit card company may impose. Your credit card company has control over what fees will be charged, along with whether and how they are listed on your credit card bill; our company has no control over these charges or if and how they are listed.

Please contact your credit card company if you have any questions regarding the charges to your card.

Accuracy of the Content at this Site

Although we do our best to make sure that the content of this site is accurate and up to date, it may at times contain errors, and there may be occasions when information is inadvertently omitted. Much of the content is based on information which is available to the public. In addition, we have included information based on our first-hand knowledge of online visa application systems.

If you are going to rely on any information that you see here, please take the time to verify its accuracy. It is presented here as general background information only.

Ownership of Content

We intend the content of this site to be available for non-commercial, personal use only. As long as you do not change any proprietary notices (including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks), you may download said content and print it or save it on a personal computer. You may not redistribute it, either in the original language or in translated form.

Copyright Information

All content at this site is protected by the copyright laws of the individual countries where we do business, as well as by international copyright laws, and is the property of turkey-evisa.com. All of the design of this site is also our property, and is protected by both national and international copyright laws. These protections apply to the site as a whole, and to individual files and elements of the site. Site elements protected by copyright include but are not limited to text, forms, stored data, graphics and media files, and any software associated with the site.

Site Access and Licensing

The license which we grant to you for access to this site and to its content is limited in the following ways:

Access is for personal use only. Commercial use of this site or its content is prohibited.

You may link to the site's homepage, but you may not do so in a way that is derogatory or offensive, or that misrepresents the site or our company, and you cannot include our proprietary graphics (including but not limited to logos and trademarks) unless we give you permission to do so.

You cannot download the contents of this site, unless it is for personal use only, or as part of your browser's automatic caching process. You may not copy the information contained in this site for use by any other business, either by automatic means (such as robots or data mining software) or by hand. You also may not place any elements of this site inside another web site or page using any technique, including embedding or framing. This prohibition extends to hidden text and Meta tags containing our trademarks or name, which you many not use without our explicit permission.

You cannot make any modifications to this site unless we explicitly give you permission in writing to do so.

All of the permissions listed above are revocable at any time, and all restrictions apply to all of the content of this site, including but not limited to the following elements: text, forms, graphics, logos and trademarks, and any elements involved in page layout, composition, or formatting.

Communicating With Us

You consent to electronic communications with us when you visit this site and communicate with us by electronic means, including email. This consent includes agreement that such electronic communication satisfies the legal requirement that communication be in writing, including communication for the purpose of consent, agreement, disclosure, and notification.

To discontinue communication with us (including correspondence in the future) at any time, you may use the link specified for that purpose on our site. If you discontinue communication with us, we are not responsible for any data that may be lost.

Our communication with you will be by means of email, or by website functions specified for communication with our clients; we reserve the right to refuse to respond or communicate by any other means. If you fail to respond within two days of receiving communication from us in connection with the services that we provide, we will either cancel your visa application service, or continue the service, using information which you had provided to us previously.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to without prior notice change any or all of these Terms and Conditions for reasons which may include changes to our services or security or legal considerations. It is your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions of this site, since by continuing to use this site, you are accepting any changes which have been made to said Terms and Conditions.

Termination of Service

We reserve the right to discontinue your visa application service at any time. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel our service for any reason. Reasons for cancellation include but are not limited to providing inaccurate, misleading, or false information, illegal or improper use of this site or our services, and any other failure to follow the terms and conditions for use of this site.

Discontinuation or cancellation of service includes termination of any and all services, cancellation of registration, and termination of access this site or any part thereof.


The following definitions apply to the words or phrases listed below when they are used in these Terms and Conditions:

"Client", "user", "you", "your", and "yourself" refer to an individual who visits this site.

"Client information", "personal information", "user information", and "your information" all refer to information which you provide to us for the purpose of using our services. This information may be about either yourself or individuals whom you are representing.

"Company", "our", "us", and "we" all refer to turkey-evisa.com or to any of our subsidiaries.

"Service" and "services" refer to the application processing service for Turkish e-Visas which we provide.

"Site", "this site", and "website" all refer to turkey-evisa.

"Terms" refers to the Terms and Conditions as posted at this site.

"Working day" refers to a day during the week, and during which banks are open for business.